About Me

I am a visual artist living in southern Minnesota in my final year at St. Olaf College.

artist statement:

The meaning we find in things created purely by chance or improvisation shows us that there are connections to be found between any seemingly unrelated objects, concepts, or thoughts. With my art I investigate the way we make these connections and how they can be meaningful. My practice, which ranges from drawings and paintings to sculptural work, is driven by process and intuition, rather than a specific idea that leads me from the start. The abstract forms I make with a certain brushstroke begin to look like the tops of buildings and architectural forms. The pattern and color within one part of a painting seems to be similar to the rugs in the bathroom of my parent’s house. A bright pink and orange section reminds me of flowing water, but the colors turn it into a sunset as they travel down the canvas. I’m most drawn to bright colors, organic shapes, and art that references nature, but although I may begin with an idea that incorporates these elements, I prioritize the instincts I have in the moment that most hold my curiosity. I am influenced by the idea of “both/and” that defines postmodern art and thought. In this way my art can be both strange and familiar; or take on a new meaning for viewers that I never considered as the artist.


Email: stephanietrinkner@gmail.com